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The Road to Cheren

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Product Description

The Road to Cheren

The road to Cheren is our new game covering the Eritrea campaign in East Africa in 1941. The campaign featured British and French forces versus the Italians in a wild and mountainous country. The game was designed by Kim Kanger who also designed Ici, c’est la France, Tonkin, and the soon to be released Dien Bien Phu, all by Legion Wargames. 
Cheren is a game where the movement of each piece is critical. After movement your opponent may react but with only a few units, making player decisions difficult; do I go to the aid of a unit likely to be attacked or use my reaction to push troops forward in an area where I am on the offensive. After combat there is exploitation movement. Only motorized infantry, tanks and cavalry may exploit and are scarce in this campaign. In addition there is a very nice chit pull system to give both sides some special abilities and keep the enemy guessing as to what comes next. Finally some Italian native units may decide to join the Allies, or they may stay loyal, which creates extra tension in the game.
Designed by Kim Kanger


  • 11 x 17" map
  • 113 Die-cut double sided counters
  • Eight Page Rule Booklet
  • Ziplock Bag

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  1. Bloody Cheren ? 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Nov 2017

    A nice little game on a much neglected subject. The map and counters are nicely done although the counters were a little sticky from the lamination. The Allies have a limited number of options for driving towards the Italian positions . The supply rules force them to follow the roads. The use of chits gives these options a little more flavor. The combat is bloody, especially for the attacker-they lose steps on almost every combat unless they have overwhelming numbers. Overall, a nicely done game that plays quickly and gives both sides a fighting chance.

  2. Good evening game. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th May 2015

    I gravitate to games I can play in one evening with another gamer and this game fits the bill. In all fairness, I have only playtested it twice. Rules are simple the way I like it, although the first time through, I would have a cheat sheet handy, to remind yourself of the technicalities of some of the game novelties. Example, the "Push" rule, whereby when the attacker rolls a 5 or 6, he can force an additional loss to his opponent and automatically inflicts one on himself. Or the reaction rule, where the enemy can move 3 steps after you have completed your moves but before combat. These and other rules give the players a lot of tough choices. And I would add, it is a very clever chit system. You spend a chit, and then you pull one randomly from a common pool, and if it's the opponent's chit, it is discarded. He looses one and your short a chit in your inventory. After 2 playtestings, half way through the game, I couldn't tell you for the likes of me, which side was ahead or even had a slight edge. It isn't the most dynamic game as it partially entails a slug fest at times, but then again, I would be happy to play a good game on The Great War as long as it's a tight, up-for-grabs game which this game is. For the price, it's hard to beat.



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