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Gazala: The Cauldron


Product Description

Gazala: The Cauldron simulates the mobile portions of the battle of Gazala south of Tobruk between May 27 and June 14 1942. An Axis attack was met by a furious Allied counter-attack which then developed into a grinding battle of attrition and maneuver that finally ended in massive Axis victory.
Alternating random activation by formation provides player with uncertainty and high re-playability as no two games will be alike. Each turn player receive a varying number of activations to represent the supply levels, command confusion, fatigue and intelligence of their armies and this leads to an ebb and flow to the battle as each side is dominant at different times. After units move, strengths are educed to simulate fatigue and lack of defensive preparation making counter-attacking key to the game. Minefields, airpower, anti-tank abilities and the armor versus infantry conflict are all modeled in a simple and effective set of rules.  
There are two scenarios with a playing time of 3-7 hours
Game Designer : Roger Miller
Developer: Richard Handewith
Game Art: Mark Mahaffey
Game Components:
1 - 22 x 17" full color map of the battle (3/4" Hexes)
168- full color 5/8" die-cut counters
12 Page Rule Booklet
1 - Player Chart
​Ziploc Bag
Download PDF Rules
Download Errata
Download Vassal module 

Product Reviews

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  1. Another Fine Revolution Games Selection 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2017

    I continue to be impressed with the quality of the Revolution games. The map paper and counter thickness is excellent. The counter are 5/8" for this game - how unusual! I have not played the game yet but did read the rules and watched a video before I ordered so I doubt I will be disappointed with game play. I look forward to more Revolution Games fun in the future.

  2. Intial Impressions of Gazala: The Cauldron 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2014

    Have not played the game as of yet - only now reading the rules. Here are some initial impressions so far:
    1. The rules are well written with some interesting chit pull mechanics. I look forward to playing. Not very many rules which is a definite bonus for me. (I don't like it being too complicated.)
    2. Map is very nice. It brings forth the desert very well and is pleasing to look at. Clear and concise.
    3. The colors chosen for the counters leaves much to be desired. Black numbers on dark brown was NOT a good choice. Hard to read except under close examination. I think light brown would have been a much better choice. A bonus is not very many counters so the difficulty of reading will be minimized.
    4. Charts are well presented and easy to read. Well done.
    5. The proof is in the playing. Will update my review later.
    Thanks. Stephen Oliver



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