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Pacific Fury


Product Description

Pacfic Fury: Guandalcanal, 1942
Originally publish in Japanese by Bonsai Games, Revolution Games brings Pacific Fury to the English speaking world.
Pacific Fury is a fast playing simulation covering the Solomons campaign in the South Pacific from August to November 1942. Pacific Fury is a game for two players: one controls the Japanese forces and the other controls the US forces (including RAN ships). The game starts on 7th August 1942, after the US Marines 1st Division landed on Guadalcanal and occupied the airfield there.
The game system features an abstract semi-hidden area movement system where both players must determine the timing and size of task forces during an operation.  The American player starts with control of Guadalcanal, can the Japanese must take it to win!
Play time is about 1 hour.
   11 x 17" map
   53 die-cut counters
   8 page rule booklet
   ziploc bag

Product Reviews

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  1. Pacific Fury: Guadalcanal, 1942 The Big Picture of the Air Sea Battles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th May 2017

    As an avid reader of WW II campaign history, this great game scratches my wanna be commander itch. Concise rules and quick playing time make for a tense cat & mouse challenge for both sides. I would love to see more games designed with these goals.

  2. Interesting 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2017

    It was interesting to see a game not originating from the USA and I was pleasently surprised. Good replay value. You will need to laminate the map as after only a few unfolding and foldings the creases are showing the strain.

  3. miracle delivery 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jul 2016

    After the Post Office managed to ignore the 'Do not bend' request on the envelope, the game was still in decent shape, with only the map sustaining an unwanted fold - no big deal.

    Pat McCormick commanded the vaunted IJN, and by the third turn had the scale pushed completely to the "2" in the Japanese favor. Somehow with decent use of the transports I got the scale back up to "0". The result was the expected draw. Losses were close in terms of carriers and BBs, too. Looking forward to getting this back on a gaming table in another month or two.

    Oh, and the Post Office not only corrected their error the next time I received a 9"X 11" envelope, they called me back to follow up. Terrific!



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